Meet Nicole

Introducing Nicole Allayna, Renie's daughter and the face behind the Renie B social media account! Nicole graduated with a degree in business, marketing and art from Dickinson College, Renie's alma mater.
Following her undergrad studies, she worked in marketing in NYC and in Lancaster, Pa. Nicole is currently pursuing law degree in NYC, and has loved working along side with her mother creating collections and supporting Renie B marketing efforts for many years.
She never leaves her apartment in TriBeCa without a Renie B piece. Nicole is actually known in law school for her sparkling jewelry, always layered for class! She loves to explore the city with her camera for inspiration and is always collaborating with Renie, designing collections and dreaming up the next social media post. In her free time, Nicole enjoys exploring the city with friends, always snapping photos in her favorite NYC neighborhoods.