Behind the Brand

Every Renie B modern heirloom piece is sustainable, ethically sourced, designed and created in Renie's studios in PA and NYC with love. Here's a little background to two of Renie's exclusive collections that are near and dear to her heart. 

The Niko
The Niko is named after my father whose Greek grandparents fled to the US from Asia Minor (now Turkey) via Crete in the early part of the 20th century. When I first began creating one of a kind jewelry, it was my father who would help me drill the antique coins that inspired many of my original designs.

The re-introduction of coins into my collection bloomed out of grief and through remembrance and introspection as I mourned the loss of my father. The Niko was the beginning of what has become the Odyssey Collection.

The Niko is a replica of the Ottoman coin and measures approximately 1 in. with a rich 24kt gold overlay. These coins are very limited edition which makes them an extra-special addition to your collection.

The Odyssey Collection

The Odyssey Collection is created and named in honor of my parents and pays homage to their loving encouragement to me throughout the years. Early on in my work, my dad would drill the antique coins I used in my designs, and Mom sat with me stringing beads and testing color combinations while the children napped. The recent loss of both of my dear parents moved me to reflect on my faith and on my roots. This time of contemplation and remembrance brought be back to the core of my work—one of a kind coins!

Always sustainable, handcrafted, and unique, each piece in The Odyssey Collection uses ancient coins and tells an individual story.