Meet Renie

Renie B is an eponymous jewelry brand created by Renie Carthage Beidleman. Trained in art and design in the United States and in Europe, she is inspired by her Grecian heritage, extensive world travel, nature, fashion, architecture and a modern aesthetic.

Renie founded the brand with the notion to create one-of-a-kind versatile jewelry that may be worn every day and for every occasion. Whether paired with athleisure or a cocktail dress, Renie's goal is to make every woman feel beautiful and to allow their inner glow to shine.

Her family has made many memories throughout the years. Rockhounding across the West, exploring national parks, and searching markets in Europe and Brazil for antique coins. Renie's brand manifesto is all about family, philanthropy, friendship and fun. A portion of proceeds from every purchase supports many local and national charities that are near and dear to her heart. 

Every modern heirloom piece is sustainable, ethically sourced, designed and created in her studio in PA and NYC with love.


Renie's First Piece.  As a child, Renie would collect coins and rocks, as well as attend rock shows, with her dad. Renie also gained inspiration from the coin pieces that were gifted to her by her mother and grandmother. Family is always the heart of Renie's inspiration. To this day, Renie continues to travel the world in search of the finest gemstones, pearls and materials to create wearable art.